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Episode 001   - MEET DAI.


"It's like my therapy in this crazy wild world"

Hey you, I'm DAI ☆

The Woman Behind DAI.BEADED.IT ☆

The journey of DAI.BEADED.IT started when I moved to Germany to study for an MSc in Psychology. Although I loved studying, I felt like I was not able to express my super creative side. I love colour, I love detail and I LOVE making people smile! So, I started an Etsy shop to showcase some cute, colourful and unique affordable handmade beaded accessories to you all; ranging from beaded jewellery to cute beaded phone charms. Each and every item is handmade with so much love and attention to detail by me (Dai). It's like therapy for me, I find it SO therapeutic 

Fast forward to today and here we are on DAI.BEADED.IT's very own website and I am super grateful for the support from everyone, without you this would not be possible as YOU ARE THE REASON I GET TO DO WHAT I LOVE ! Enjoy browsing the shop and I hope that you find a piece (or 2) that you LOVE just as much as I enjoy creating them for you ☆

Stay smiling and shining,

Love DAI ☆